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A Dance With Dragons – A Summary

A Dance with Dragons is the fifth novel within the 7 book series by George R.R Martin, and at the time of writing, itís the most recent release. In this guide, weíre going to cover some of the essential plot points that have occurred in this book, so without any further introduction, letís take a closer look.

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jon snowFirstly, we see a big change at the Wall – as Jon Snow becomes the new Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch, while his close friend Samwell Tarley is set to become a Maester and leaves the Wall entirely. Later in the book, we discover a letter from Ramsay Snow addressed to Jon, which taunts him over how he crushed Stannis and his army – while demanding that Jon gives him the family of Stannis under penalty of death.

But Jon decides to seek revenge on Ramsay directly. As Jon sets to work with raising an army, asking for any volunteers who may help, he is brutally stabbed by members of the Night’s Watch, due to Jon’s decision to allow the wildlings passage over the wall..

Additionally, we learn more of Branís search for the Three Eye Crow – which has taken him into the dangerous location of ëbeyond the Wallí. During his journey, he comes across various challenges, before finally meeting the ëLast Greenseerí, who teaches Bran more about his astonishing abilities.

Back in the Free Cities, we discover Tyrion has smuggled himself away to Pentos, where he meets the Mother of Dragons. We also find that Arya Stark has managed to reach the guild of the Faceless Men in Braavos, and she quickly undergoes their training – where she learns to improve her senses, operating while deaf, blind, and more. She also completes her first assassination – perhaps a sign of things to come.

Finally, we learn more of Daenerys and her conquering of Meereen – as well as the troubles that come with being the new ruler of this brutal city.

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