Improving the Quality of Science Education in Our Schools

michaelbodaekerHave you seen this TED Talk? If not, it’s a must watch!

In it, tech entrepreneur Michale Bodekaer lays out a blueprint for how we can dramatically improve the quality of science education in schools across the country (and the world) without increasing costs.

He argues that the core of any sound science curriculum necessarily involves engaging the student and sparking a genuine interest in the topic. The problem with current science and math programs are that they focus too heavily on abstract representations of concepts, without ever applying them to real world problems.

Students, on the other hand, are commonly interested in problems that we actually face, whether as individuals, communities, organizations, or societies.

Bridging this gap, and giving real world merit to the principles and knowledge of the classroom, could radically transform how our students think about science, and the careers and subjects they choose to pursue in greater detail when they become adults.

That, in turn, will affect our society’s ability to continually improve upon our technology, and innovate in ways we had never before imagined!

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